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If you have never been to a balloon fest, you are in for quite an experience!


experience centralia balloon fest 2 shows full view of flag balloon


I have lived most of my life in Centralia, Illinois, and this Balloon Fest rivals any festival hosted by much larger cities. This small town of roughly 13,000 people really comes together to put on an excellent show. This year’s fest will be the 29th for Centralia, and the organizers have really excelled in what is needed to pull off a top-notch affair. You need to Experience Centralia Balloon Fest for yourself, and you will see what I mean.

Here is a list of some of the highlights you will find when you Experience Centralia Balloon Fest 2018:

  • Over 35 Hot Air Balloons
  • Balloon Glow both Friday and Saturday!
  • Main Stage Entertainment – Concert Friday and Saturday nights!
  • Musicians and Entertainment throughout the day
  • Friday night Fireworks!
  • 60+ Craft Fair Booths
  • 18+ Food / Concessions Vendors
  • Car Shows
  • Cardboard Boat Races
  • Children’s Activity Area

Click the image below for more on Schedule of Events, Maps and Directions:

experience centalia balloon fest 4 shows a flyer highlighting festivities


For more from the Centralia Chamber of Commerce click the following link: www.centraliachamber.com/balloon-fest

Centralia Balloon Fest is set in beautiful Foundation Park which is a 265-acre park with prairies, woods, trails, ponds, picnic shelters and many species of wildlife, in addition to an abundance of vegetation. It is the perfect setting to Experience Centralia Balloon Fest.

Experience Centralia Balloon Fest:

Image from Centralia Balloon Fest 2017

experience centralia balloon fest 3 shows many balloons aglow

Keep in mind, if you want to see the balloons, you will need to go to the park before a race, liftoff or glow. Generally, during the afternoon they are not present. However, there are many other things to do at that time. You just need to consult the Schedule of Events.

I know for me, my summer would not be complete unless I Experience Centralia Balloon Fest. This is a great family affair. So bring your lawn chairs, blankets and bug spray and prepare to be “blown away.”

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